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How to reach National Cheng Kung University

Two international airports:

There are two international airports in Taiwan. One is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE, EnglishJapanese), which is located Taoyuan County, approximately 300 kilometers from Tainan. It takes you about three and a half hours by car or bus to Tainan. The other is KaoHsiung international airport (EnglishJapanese), which is located KaoHsiung city, approximately 50 kilometers from Tainan.
  • Route A: KaoHsiung International Airport --> Tainan City
    • Option A :
      You can take a taxi to go to National Cheng Kung University. Fare approx. NT$ 1500
    • Option B :
      KaoHsiung International Airport  --> KaoHsiung Railway Station  -->  Tainan Railway Station  -->  National Cheng Kung University
      You can take a taxi to KaoHsiung Railway Station (it costs about NT$ 300), and then take the train to Tainan (NT$ 107 by Tze Chiang Train). National Cheng Kung University is by Tainan Railway Station. Take TRA from Kaohsiung Main Station to Tainan TRA Station, which usually takes about 35 minutes on express trains.
    • Option C:
      Take Kaohsiung MRT from the Airport Station (R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station (R11) for TRA Train or Zuoying HSR Station (R16). Take the THSR Train from Zuoying to Tainan Station, and the traveling time is about 15 minutes.
  • Route B: TPE International Airport  -->  Tainan City
    TPE International Airport  -->  Taipei City  -->  Tainan City (NCKU)

    TPE International Airport  -->  Taipei Shun Shan Airport  -->  Tainan Airport  -->  National Cheng Kung University

    1. Take a taxi or shuttle bus from the airport to THSR Taoyuan Station, which takes about 20 minutes. Then, take the THSR train from Taoyuan Station to Tainan Station.
    2. You can take a bus to Taipei (Shun Shan) airport (fare about NT$ 120) or by taxi (NT$ 1100), and then take a domestic flight to Tainan Airport (NT$ 1900). After that, you can take a taxi to National Cheng Kung University (about NT$ 200).


International flights can be connected to KaoHsiung International Airport at TPE International Airport. Then, you can pass the customs at KaoHsiung. Remember to arrange with your travel agents in advance.